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The most important steps required to ensure your personal safety is taken steps and building an unyielding awareness within yourself and your family to effectively control your destiny.
If you are aware of your surroundings and follow basic principles and methods you can make it very difficult for the criminal to invade your personal life.
These security and self protection tips are to help you understand how a bad guy or criminal thinks. This will offer you some common sense techniques and tactics to avoid being a victim and statistic. Be sure to study and retain this information and pa ss it on to other people you know of to help them protect their family and themselves as well.
Jiu Joe Jitsu Self Defense Videos teaches precautions you should take to avoid criminal predators and what steps to take should you come in contact with one."Don't Wait Until Its Too Late" "Protect Your Family protect Yourself"
As law abiding citizens and peaceful respectful human beings we need to be more aware of our surroundings. Considering all of the "Violent, Lowlife, Criminals and Terrorists" that exist on "Gods Green Earth" we need to be more especially careful. Each of us can play an important part and role concerning the safety and well being of the public, family, and friends. You don't have to get overall involved with trying to solve all the problems that exist. However, you can pay attention to and be aware of suspicious "Persons, Acts, and Conditions" and report these incidents or matters to the local Police Department or FBI Office. It can be a simple as you observing a person leaving some baggage in an airport, which as we know sadly to say may be a bomb. By advising the authorities we may be interrupting or stopping a possible terrorist.
Tragedies such as: "The Kenya and Oklahoma Bombing" amongst others may never occur in the future if each and every one of us think "Pro Security" and report any and every unusual "Person, Car, Condition, or Situation" that we observe during our daily travels and routines. Each one of us can make a "Great Difference" in our communities. From the minute we leave our homes in the morning to returning, going shopping, and other interactions that we are involved in. This allows all of us to observe different scenarios of which we can memorize cars, faces, places, things etc., Our "Sick Sense" becomes "Attracted" and "Alerted" to certain people of whom may seem suspicious etc. These are the indications and particulars that may be of help to the authorities concerning possible terrorist groups and other violent groups from planning to commit "Useless, Immature, and Lowlife" acts against the USA and other hardworking professional human beings in countries around our beautiful world! You can print these Security Tips and post in areas where a lot of people frequent and gather as well as verbally advise your family and friends to "BOLO" short for "Be On The Lookout". Don't Wait Until Its Too Late"

Kids and Teen personal safety

  1. Always keep your eyes on your children. If you are too busy have another family member close friend or responsible credible person supervise your children.

  2. Advise your children that if they become lost to respond quickly and safely to the nearest Police Department or largely populated area such as a department store and look for Security or Manager of Store.

  3. Teach your children how to contact the Police by calling 911 or contacting a known family member or responsible trustworthy neighbor or adult should an emergency arise.

  4. Explain the proper methods to protect themselves. By being alert to their surroundings and avoiding potentially dangerous situations and associating with others of whom are intelligent and think wisely can assist in protecting themselves. You know the saying which is correct, "If You walk with the wise you will be wise".

  5. Explain to your children never to go with Strangers. However, as a last resort as indicated above in a well populated store etc., and to stay where the majority of persons are at to avoid becoming kidnapped. Advise them amongst other important things to stay away from back alleys or dark unpopulated areas and to never take a ride from any strangers even if they say that they are here to pick them up because their mom or dad sent them to.

  6. Show them step by step to be alert of their surroundings before entering or exiting building, buses, etc., If something or someone strikes them as out of place or threatening, to go "Immediately" to the nearest responsible adult and advise them to call for help.

  7. Educate your children by always discussing what to do and not to do in various situations. As you are going about your business or everyday routines quiz and test your children to help overcome obstacles that can save their lives.

  8. Consider acquiring a cellular phone for your children if you can afford it. If not show them where the telephones are located and where to respond should they be confronted by a possible criminal subject. If you have a cellular phone and could not afford to continue to pay for it don't worry if you charge it up it will still work when you dial 911 and call the police, try it and see for yourself.

  9. If your state, nation, or country permits the use of mace you may want to acquire this for your family. First ensure they are old enough and furthermore, educate them on what this product can do to them or another person and that it is not to be misused.

  10. Introduce your children to a suitable self defense training course. Ensure that the martial arts self defense training school or course is noteworthy, credible and teaches all aspects of personal safety and protection.

  11. Advise your children to always involve themselves with responsible intelligent friends. It is definitely true that if you "If You Walk with the Wise you will be Wise".

  12. Always keep your eyes on your children. If you are too busy have another family member close friend or responsible credible person supervise your children especially nearby swimming pools or other dangerous areas which is just about everywhere.

  13. Don't EVER leave your children unattended nearby swimming pools or any other body of water included but not limited to a toilet or bathroom, not even for one second, they can drown before you know it!!!

  14. Don't EVER leave your children near a pool to go to look who may be knocking on your door or who may be calling you a foot away from where you are standing because your kid can drown (God For Bid) before you turn back around.

  15. If you or your friend or anybody else has a pool and the fencing or property is not in compliance with your Country, State or Local Housing Laws. Report them IMMEDIATELY to your area building department or if you don't know who to contact, call your local Police Department IMMEDIATELY before someone is hurt! You may also advise the police to please write a report and contact the owner of the property. Take good notes on what time and date you spoke to this official as well should some innocent child get injured. Most likely the Police will direct you to the Building or Housing Department, take their number and contact them as well. However, The Police should order the Owner of the property where the danger is to repair same IMMEDIATELY! Because if you don't take the initiative your children or another innocent kid may drown or become injured the very second that you notice the inadequate fencing or other unsafe conditions.

  16. Learn CPR or First AID should your child or another requires assistance. Don't leave your children unattended, not even for a split second not to get you something, not to answer the door, not to answer the phone, not for anything, absolutely nothing. Keep an eye on them and be responsible for your kids. If you see another parent endangering their child call the Police "911" IMMEDIATELY! If you don't this innocent kid may become injured or killed for something you could have reported! Take action, don't be a follower!

  17. In addition to many other responsibilities. Continually Educate, Protect, and furthermore Love your children and teach them that their "Minds are like that of Parachutes, they only work when they are Open".

Misc Personal Security

  1. If someone solicits you by telephone or e-mail, be very careful. Do not give them or repeat your telephone number. Do not provide any personal information about your family or yourself. Buy caller ID and install this equipment so that you can see who they are before you answer. Keep a log book of unusual or suspicious calls and contact the police immediately.

  2. Having an answering machine is fine as long as you don't state your name or telephone number or where you may be in the message. A good message may simply state "Hello, we are in, but will need a few minutes to get back to you, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you in a few moments.

  3. You must always provide yourself another means of alternate communications, such as a cell phone. If the criminal cuts or disconnects your phone line, your in trouble. Store or keep a cell phone in a easily accessible place and have a plan. Having an additional separate phone line is good, but a cell phone is better.

  4. Try not to provide your financial history, credit card account information, or similar to people by way of e-mail, fax, phone. If you can hand carry same this is the best method. If you do e-mail such document make sure you use a security encrypted secure server to send your materials. If you have to mail same request a return receipt and try not to type or write "Mortgage Payment, "My Payment" or similar outside the envelope. Use thick envelopes or wrap your documents so that others cannot see through and get your account number, etc.

General Security

  1. When you are out in a public place, disallow people to get too close. If they proceed too close, move away. Putting your back against a wall, casually, without seeming afraid, is always the best method to observe your surroundings.

  2. When exiting your house, bank, or stores, especially at night, take notice prior to leaving the building. You can look out the windows and doors and observe who may be lingering in the dark. Be very aware of suspicious cars, people, if something seems threatening do not leave without having someone escort you, contacting a significant other or the police department preferably. Do not fall victim by ignoring your surroundings.

  3. The best time to go to the bank, or other traveling you may do is during the daylight hours and at a known location. Try never to use an ATM machine at night, especially in an area you are unfamiliar with.

  4. When shopping try always to have an assistant. Try not to ever have both your hands full of packages or materials. If you are confronted by a criminal then you would be unable to counter-attack them.

  5. When walking in public, especially in busy roadways, be very careful not only for speeding vehicles, but stalkers. Try to plan out your walking or traveling routes to avoid blind spots, or roadways that are winding, speeding, or otherwise precarious or unsafe.

  6. If you have nobody responsible to advise where you may be going should you be going out on the town or on vacation do write down information where you are traveling to and with whom on a piece of paper and leave it in your home in a relatively visible location should you not return. This will establish a track record history of where you may be and will assist the authorities with an investigation.

  7. Another similar method is if you are driving somewhere, you can write down on a note and leave it in your glove compartment in with your insurance card, note pad or similar location. You may also use a mini tape recorder to speak your message of where you are or problems that may have arisen with specific details of persons, places, and things etc, which can assist the authorities as well to investigate your possible whereabouts.

Residential and Business Safety Tips

  1. You may want to install a security system at home and at your business. A security system can be an effective means in countering and deterring criminal presence. If need be you can install a CCTV Video Camera system to tape your property.

  2. If someone knocks at your door, be very careful. They may be a criminal posing as a delivery person or salesman seeking to observe the inside of your residence and specific times that you may be there. Put a chain lock on your door and a peephole so that you can communicate with them without giving them a chance to possibly accost you. If they do not check out shut the door immediately, get their license plate from a nearby window, being careful not to allow them to see you through the window and obtain other important descriptions (ie: weight, height, hair, race), etc. And contact police.

  3. If strangers alert you or catch you off guard while you are possibly mowing your lawn, never admit to being home alone. If they start questioning you, advise them that you will get your husband and son to come out to speak with them. Go inside and lock the door if these people appear to be suspicious contact police.

  4. Try not to announce your personal plans or views in public. Because the bad guy may be listening and obtaining information and thoughts about you. Cordless telephones can also easily be intercepted and ease dropped by a criminal using an inexpensive scanner that they may have.

  5. Don't leave your personal organizer/calendar unattended at work or while at appointments. Someone can look at the book and know when you have vacation or can follow you. Lock up your personal belongings at work, especially pocket book, address book and wallets.

  6. Try to keep your shades or blinds curbed or down during the day and place plants in front of your windows so it appears that someone may be at home. Similarly at night, utilize automatic on/off timers on lights and your phone off the hook instead of an answering machine should you be going out to throw the criminal off guard. Alternate these concepts regularly so that the lowlife criminal cannot establish a pattern of your activities and possibly time your arrival and departure times and places.

  7. You may want to keep your property well manicured and maintained, especially entranceways and exits to eliminate criminals from hiding in such spots. Mainly be aware of possible hiding spots where ever you may travel to avoid surprise attacks. Put thorny bushes under bedroom windows and near entrances and exits to further deter possible criminals from hiding.

  8. Install high output lighting and automatic light sensors security devices around your property which comes on when something walks in front of them.

  9. When you relocate to a new building, business or residential apartment, be sure to change all locks and alarm access codes, etc. Previous occupants and associates may still have this information.

  10. If you should place a key, alarm code or personal information to assist you should you forgot something, be sure to be very careful in placing same. Criminals are aware of all the hiding spots, under mats, flower pots, etc.

  11. Lock your doors when you are working in the yard, attic, or any place away from your home entry areas. While you are busy elsewhere, burglars could easily enter your homes unnoticed and be hiding and awaiting your arrival.

  12. Be sure that you always lock your home, car, and windows. Many times when you are showering, outside, or in the basement, the bad guy may be planning to rape, rob you or burglarize your property. Be aware of your surroundings.

Martial Arts and Physical Training

  1. You may decide to enroll in a self-defense course. There are many types and disciplines offered, you should carefully consider your personal situation and requirements. There are many types of self-defense videos available, Jiu Joe Jitsu Self-Defense can provide you with video training instruction which may assist you. Be sure to analyze and compare teachings as well as prices. Try to avoid instructors that want to lock you into an annual contract and fail to provide you with adequate instruction. Another downfall is if the instructor doesn't normally teach the classes and has his or her green belts or other inadequate personnel instruct you, this is wrong and can be unhelpful.
Jiu Joe Jitsu Self Defense Videos

  • If your state, nation, or country allows you to possess and use mace or pepper spray as a self-defense tool, do so. Just make sure that someone suitably trains you on the use of such tool. There are horns, whistles, stun guns and other items available as well if your country permits you. Just make sure you have proper training. If your country permits the use of firearms, be sure to check with your local police department for the rules and regulations concerning same.

    Travel Security

    1. Always have your keys out and ready before leaving a building or approaching your car as well as your residence. Trying to locate your keys after you reach your car or home provides criminals an excellent opportunity to sneak up on you. Have your car door lock key and ignition key out and accessible. Also be aware that criminals may hide inside your vehicle or underneath your car and attempt to attack you. Keep your windows locked and rolled up as well.

    2. Never give a parking attendant or mechanic or similar all of your keys. Only provide them with the ignition key and know the names of the people. You may want to keep a written log book to assist you for future reference of whom handled your keys and the dates. Color each key so that you know which lock the key is used for and can quickly locate same to avoid fumbling around.

    3. Also, look behind you as you are walking from time to time. If you see the same person or vehicle following you more than twice, you may want to proceed to a well populated area and seek help and reevaluate the situation quickly. Don't be afraid to call the police that is what they are there for.

    4. When you enter your vehicle assuming the bad guy isn't inside already hiding. Be sure to lock your door immediately. Don't attempt to start your vehicle first, until you secure your doors.

    5. If someone or something appears suspicious- have a notepad and pen available in your vehicle so that you can write down vehicles plates. Drive away to a well populated area and report same to the police.

    6. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and have a cell phone, immediately call 911 if possible. If you feel uncomfortable due to night time hours or darkness- tell the driver through your window without opening your door that you have called 911 and will proceed to a well populated area where the police are waiting and write their vehicle license plates and personal description down on a note pad.

    7. If you haven't done so already, purchase a cell phone and keep same charged regularly and have a back up charged battery. Cell phones are the best means of help.

    8. If you are being accosted or assaulted and have nowhere to run to consider going underneath a vehicle (not the bad guys), it is very hard for them to take you.

    9. Always maintain your vehicle regularly, ie: tune-up, oil change, etc. Filling up your vehicle with gas during day light hours in a familiar area is best so that you aren't forced to drive in an unfamiliar area possible at night which is dangerous.

    10. Do not leave your car running while you are in a store. Do not leave your keys in your ignition with or without your car running because they are susceptible to being stolen.

    11. Never pick up hitchhikers. It is never safe to have a stranger in the car with you. When you see a hitchhiker do not pick them up. Even if they seem to be an innocent lady or girl, they may be accompanied by a bad guy hiding in the area awaiting for your arrival. If you want to be a good citizen and need to take action. Call 911 and advise them of where the stranded hitchhikers or persons may be. Hitchhiking is considered a crime.

    12. Create and establish a street, community, or neighborhood watch program. Your own administration highway department office can install the signs. You should communicate with your neighbors, if they aren't the criminal of course and discuss suspicious cars, people, or ideally what action to take should something unusual occur.

    Some Additional Security Tips

    1. If you are followed drive to a well lit and populated area & take good notes of vehicle following you ie; license plate, color, make & model, etc and contact the police.

    2. When blow drying your hair or taking a shower lock your door, set your resident alarm, place your dog in home to alert you should someone attempt to gain entry.

    3. Purchase a shredder so that when you dispose of your trash you can shred and destroy any credit card statements, personal documentation that may be visible while garbage is awaiting pick up and removal by the sanitation company. Many times the bad guys and derelicts may look through your garbage container and steal your checks or bank statements etc and use them to purchase merchandise with or clean out your accounts.

    4. When a store representative asks you for your address, telephone number or other personal information advise them you do not wish to give any if absolutely mandatory write it down and put confidential on the top of it reason being there are people or the cr iminal is in line or around also and may hear what you are saying as well.

    5. If permitted by law within your states you may be allowed or want to carry mace, stun gun etc, if permitted this is any excellent defense tool should a criminal lowlife attempt to attack you.

    6. Always let someone know where you are and where you may be going, you should report all unusual stalking or following of you by any suspicious persons to the police immediately.

    7. Get an unpublished telephone number if possible and avoid from giving your number to the wrong person, give only responsible people your number and keep track of whom you have given it to. Tell these responsible people that you have given your telephone number, not to give it out at all and if someone asks them for it, to tell you who they were so that you can research why if necessary.

    8. Practice self defense, conditioning, run, exercise regularly, meditate, study, learn and build mental, spiritual, and physical strength by applying yourself building your attention span and other important qualities.

    9. Be aware of any unusual people, cars, occurrences which can worsen. Take good notes and advise family, friends, police.

    10. When parked in traffic keeps doors locked as usual and leave yourself enough distance from the vehicle in front of you should a criminal attempt to walk alongside your vehicle and gain entry or attack you.

    11. Look in your rear view mirror as well to also avoid from being rear ended by someone not paying attention or possibly a drunk driver.

    12. When traveling to and from places use different routes of travel within reason so that the lowlife criminal cannot know or track your travel routes. Be sure to always tell someone, ie:, family, close friend, significant other what ways you may go should you not arrive home.

    Have a Personal Safety Plan

    What we have provided you with are some methods and ideas to hopefully assist you in planning, evaluating, implementing, improving, and further insuring that you and your family are safe and secure throughout your travels. If you follow these basic steps and advise your family and friends, you stand a much better chance of not becoming a victim of a crime. Be sure to pass along this information. And if you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, please e-mail us. We would be glad to assist you!

    Finally, amongst other important things, be aware of your surroundings, know who your real friends are, be cautious but yet use good common sense. Don't ever be afraid to make a police report or tell a significant other, ie; family, police, close friend that you are being stalked, followed, or something uncomfortable is happening. Don't wait until its too late, "Protect Your Family Protect Yourself".

    Finally, amongst other important things, be aware of your surroundings, know who you real friends are. Be very cautious but yet use good common sense. Don't ever be afraid to make a police report or tell a significant other, ie; family, police, close friend that you are being stalked, followed, or something uncomfortable is happening. If you are approached by any people similar to the above derelicts or thieves, please take whatever information business cards etc they want to offer you and advise them that you will get back to them. Play along with these losers for a short time if they confront you or catch you off guard. Try and remember and annotate some important information such as; license plates numbers, there physical description color of hair, eyes, clothes, vehicles etc and "Immediately" report these scam artists to the police. Obviously, if at all possible, DO NOT let these losers into to your home or vehicle. Try and remain anonymous if possible especially if your home address is known by them. Don't wait until its too late, contact the Police "Immediately"!Protect Your Family Protect Yourself".

    Be Safe, Mr Joseph Saladino, President & Founder
    Jiu Joe Jitsu Self Defense

  • If you need further information on criminal activities and scam artists please contact the FTC's Public Reference Office, Room #130, 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580 or call (202)326-2222 or TTY for the hearing impaired (202)326-2502. You can also contact your local Police or the Attorney General for the State or Nation you reside in.

  • Department of Justice

    Better Business Bureau

    Federal Bureau of Investigations

    United States Attorney General Office

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