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World Class Training Video and DVD Instruction

Mr. Saladino has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame more than once and selected as the First Ambassador to the First Martial Arts Museum and much more...



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Master Instruction
Jiu Joe Jitsu Self Defense

Basic Jujitsu DVD

Learn and view step by step basic jujitsu pressure points, counters vs� grabs, and many various holds... You will observe defenses and countermeasures against a variety of attacks so that you can walk the streets and feel more safe at night. Includes many submission holds, Awesome Self Defense survival techniques. (approx. 35 min.)

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Jujitsu DVD

Intermediate and Advanced vital pressure point holds, submissions and escapes. Defenses against stick and knife attacks, take downs, finishing holds and many other useful highly effective combat jujitsu grappling techniques. View how to incorporate judo, jujitsu, & karate effectively to quickly overcome the attacker. (approx. 47 min.)

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Stick Fighting

Filipino Stick, Knife and Hand to Hand Combat against various violent armed and unarmed attacks. View step by step as shown and displayed on all programs, how to use your hands or a stick to disarm and incapacitate a violent Knife or Stick armed attacker(s) in seconds. Includes warm-ups, stances, blocks and more. (approx. 73 min.)

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Pressure Points

Pressure vital points & come a long submission holds. View how to control and overcome an attacker with minimal effort. These exclusive self defense techniques are easy to learn and understand. Within minutes you will obtain many essential tools to help you escape from an attackers hold. See the secrets most instructors won't teach students. Learn From the Best!!! (approx. 76 min.)

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Counters DVD

Blocks, Counterattacks, and Strikes. Learn 1-2-3 "Touch and Go" quick to the point defense techniques and instruction against a variety of violent attackers. View how to effectively use every day items such as: keys, mace, high heel shoes, books, and sticks to defend yourself should you be assaulted. This program as others available, are a must have for the commuter, the housewife, student, or child attending school; an outstanding educational safety training tool. (approx 78 min.)

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Combat Jujitsu #1
"Remove The Threat
And Survive" DVD

In this awesome Combat Jujitsu self defense program you will explore a variety of excellent defense techniques. Mr. Saladino demonstrates the incorporation of "Street Economics" very well by combining Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, and Karate concepts into a very effective method in order to control an attacker. Counters against straight punches, stabs, pushes, pokes to face, front kicks and upper cuts, double chokes, grapplers and more. All styles and artists will benefit from viewing this strong impact instruction.(approx. 37 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Combat Jujitsu #2
"Its Your Life
Take It Back" DVD

This instructional program provides an abundance of demonstrations displaying many strategies counter attacking: bear hugs (over and under arms), rear chokes (partial and complete), stabs, push defenses, front chokes, back fists or lefty attackers, headlocks, wrist grab escapes, rear chokes and more...Many of Mr. Saladino's techniques developed and demonstrated throughout his self defense programs are highly effective and a must have for existing martial artists or new individuals considering learning a system. (approx. 54 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Combat Jujitsu #3
"Live Free and Survive
Never Give Up" DVD

This program is a must have as well to help complete your self defense library. It has taken Mr. Saladino very many years of training and the constant review of many different self defense concepts and martial arts systems to develop "Time and Time Again" excellent training instruction. This program will definitely assist you in adding some outstanding concepts to your repertoire. You will explore many secrets and ideas which may be of great help to you. This hard impact study program provides excellent counterattacks to attackers attempting to poke your throat, face, choke you, push or direct straight strikes and thrusts at you, hook or roundhouses, tackles or grabs and much more... (approx. 32 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Self Defense
Street Survival #1

See the techniques that took Mr. Saladino to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This training instruction offers a wide array of jujitsu self defense moves that are sure to open your eyes. This is a must have for all artists. (approx. 45 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Self Defense
Street Survival #2

In this instruction you will observe a series of martial art techniques that will definitely offer a well rounded concept to your self defense plan. These hand to hand combative methods offer the assailant little room to move and little air to breath. (approx. 45 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Self Defense
Street Survival #3

As with all other Jiu Joe Jitsu programs, students no matter what their rank is, will enjoy a variety of these efficient techniques and defenses in overcoming an attacker. In this particular program, the techniques will capture the jujitsu in you and cause you to want to see more. Got Jujitsu? If you don't have it you will! If you do have it you will have it better.(approx. 45 min.)

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 DVD FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Seminar DVD

Free With Purchase
of 5 and 9 DVD package above

This program is an Exclusive rare look at Jujitsu GrandMasters concepts and teachings. This is a must have for all martial artists. This is free with the purchase of five or more packages listed above. (approx. 60 min.)

*All returned videos or dvd's are replaced with exact titles only. Damaged or inoperative videos or dvd's replaced within 30 days of purchase upon receipt of item within original packaging. All returns must be in original package. A charge of $5.99 per program will be paid by the customer for all returns. All items should be stored in a 68 degree environment.

*Please Note*

This is a Black Belt certification course. If you purchase the entire 13 DVD program than fees below include all promotional certificates, shipping etc. When the DVD training program is completed than the participants will earn their Black Belt certification. They will be listed as an SDI instructor on and other popular websites managed by SDI.

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PAY ONLY $329.95 and receive "ALL 12 DVD's". Also included is a Quality SDI Patch ($12.95 value) a Quality T-Shirt w/logo
(S, M, L or XL) ($15.95 value) and a Free SDI Interview and Philosophy 13th DVD ($29.95 value)

Master Instruction
Mr. Joseph Saladino, SDI Founder


Stretching & Breathing DVD

The often forgot about area of self defense is stretching and breathing. Many training programs seek to explain self defense or martial arts concepts. This SDI program will cover how to effectively prepare for training as well as conditioning the body and mind which may assist an individual throughout everyday life as well in the heat of battle.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Rolls and Falls
Exercises DVD

This area of instruction is much needed no matter what style an individual trains in or no matter what rank an individual claims to have. Mr. Saladino provides excellent information and training tools on how to effectively fall and roll in a variety of scenarios. This is highly important should an individual get thrown down, need to escape from an attack or would like a new exercise routine to build conditioning and fitness. This will help to enhance any Martial Arts style.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Blocks and Stances

Developing a good foundation begins with having a strong effective stance. In this program Mr. Saladino will explain a variety of stances and how to incorporate blocking and countering into a confrontation.

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Strikes and Kicks Part One

In this two part instructional training program, there are a great deal of striking and kicking techniques presented. Learning how to effectively incorporate striking and kicking will provide the necessary tools required to counterattack various attackers.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Strikes and Kicks Part Two

In this two part instructional training program, there are a great deal of striking and kicking techniques presented. Learning how to effectively incorporate striking and kicking will provide the necessary tools required to counterattack various attackers.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Humanized Makiwara Conditioning DVD

Humanized Makiwara conditioning exercises is another area of training that goes unnoticed or addressed. Mr. Saladino explains how to condition the hands and other areas to assist an individual should a self defense confrontation or incident arise. These conditioning drills can be done with another individual or by oneself. Also covered are how to use such striking methods in the heat of battle incorporating strike and blocking drills.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Katas and Applications DVD

Mr. Saladino demonstrates a variety of short and sweet katas and related applications. This program shows how to blend stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks together. It will also provide stamina and conditioning if the entire program is done in sequence or in repetition.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Throws and Takedowns DVD

This highly important area of study introduces an individual to the world of grappling using throws and takedown arsenals. Many styles and systems talk about how to kick or how to punch. During this impressive program an individual will be shown some of the most effective throws should an attacker attempt to grab, throw or apply different holds.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Joint locks and Holds DVD

See a variety of methods in order to control an attacker and cause limited to no injury. See how to manipulate an attacker so that their aggression is redirected against them resulting in them being incapacitated.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Escapes and Counters DVD

During this instructional program see many ways to quickly counter an attackers moves or offenses. Quick strike and takes downs are served graciously as the main course on this menu followed by a variety of finishing off techniques for dessert.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Self Defense Techniques DVD

This self defense training program may provide an individual with a library of counter attacks and procedures for handling different attackers. This will offer a wealth of knowledge in jujitsu, judo, and karate and how to utilize a blend of each of these arts into a no nonsense self defense system.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

Weapon Defenses DVD

Mr. Saladino will discuss and demonstrate the stick, knife, gun and cane confrontations. See some invaluable weapon defenses and the importance of learning and understanding how to put them into great action as a last resort.

reg ($45.95)now $29.95 FREE SHIPPING TO USA

SDI Interview and Philosophy DVD

This is an exclusive interview with the founder and chief instructor of Self Defense Inc. (SDI) Joseph Saladino. You will learn a variety of defensive theories and concepts as well as the justification and use of force. This program will put the final icing on the cake and address various topics of interest.

reg ($45.95) now FREE with purchase of 12 DVD Package Program


Personalized Self Defense Lessons and Fitness Training by Chief Instructor
Mr Joe Jitsu Saladino:

Personal or Group training in foreign countries is available as the time schedule allows. Email us with information and date(s) training is needed.We will contact you as soon as possible regarding availability. Personal instruction extends to Individuals or groups who desire self defense instruction in military or police techniques or to learn self-defense tactics to be able to go where you want to without fear. Jiu Joe Jitsu and SDI Quality T-Shirts, Hats, and Patches
Jiu Joe Jitsu or Self Defense Inc. (SDI) Hat w/Logo $12.95
Patches & Logos also available for $7.00 each

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